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What is the National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy?
The National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy, Inc. (NRCC) is a group of concerned breeders, individuals, and corporations who care about the future of the most critically endangered breed of sheep in the United States today.

Its registry (the National Romeldale-CVM Registry, or NRCR) is the only Romeldale-CVM registry that registers only purebred animals that trace back 100% to the original Spencer/Eidman flocks (see more on this history at the About Us tab) - all other registries for this breed allow cross-breeding and upgrading, diluting those original genetics and introducing genetics not originally part of the breed. This difference in philosophy regarding what makes a true Romeldale-CVM is what sets the NRCC apart and brings our breeders together to support this beautiful and worthy breed.

With purebred registrations totaling less than approximately 500 individuals, it is imperative that we take this opportunity to be good stewards of a unique and deserving national treasure.

Romeldale-CVMs are a fiber artists dream come true. Wonderful fiber with next-to-the-skin softness that comes in nature’s bounty of colors. They will never bore you with their colors and patterns. The breed’s two most endearing qualities are non-fading wool that gets softer with age, and color that doesn't fade, only gets darker over time. Romeldale-CVMs are easy to handle, great mothers, and hardy to most environments… a delightful asset to any farm.

Please join us in sharing an exciting and rewarding journey protecting this breed. Any of the breeders listed on the breeders page will be happy to talk to you and share how satisfying it is to be a valued steward of the Romeldale-CVM breed. Your support and participation at any level will help secure this breeds future.

You don’t have to own sheep to join us… just a kind heart."
Romeldale-CVM sheep are the most critically rare breed
of sheep in the US today according to
the Livestock Conservancy

Purebred Romeldale-CVMs
  • Fleece darker and softer with age
  • Bradford Count: 60-64
  • Wide variety of colors

"...when the last individual
of a race of living things
breathes no more,
another Heaven
and another
Earth must pass
before such a
one can be again."

--William Beebe

The Conservancy operates completely on a volunteer staff and donations. We are a 501(C)3 non-profit making it easier for individuals and business alike to be able to not only help the Romeldale-CVM as an endangered breed, but also be able to use it as a tax deductible donation. Our mission is to preserve this most unique breed as part of the heritage we hold in this country today.

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We invite everyone's suggestions and participation in this incredible journey together.

Please send your check to:

The National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy
c/o Marie Minnich
252 Frosty Valley Rd.
Danville, PA 17821

or donate using Paypal....
Thank you for helping to sustain the rarest of the rare breeds of sheep in the US today….Romeldale-CVMs.
We appreciate your support!
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