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The National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy


We welcome all who share an interest in the preservation of the purebred Romeldale-CVM breed--the rarest of the rare breeds of sheep in the country today according to the Livestock Conservancy.

Our objective is to promote and preserve purebred Romeldale-CVM sheep that are strictly verifiable through Eidman/Sexton lineage using the herd/sire books of NRCR, which is the original and oldest registration book available for reference.

The Conservancy endeavors to enhance and promote the breed through education, breeder support, and ad co-op's.

Join us...you are all welcome! Our goal is to promote an environment in which all members are valued as equal preservation/conservation contributors. Membership does not require ownership of Romeldale-CVM sheep, or any specific number of purebred Romeldale-CVM sheep. The only requirement is a genuine interest in preserving the rare and endangered Romeldale-CVM breed.

To join: . Please download and print out the Membership Application,

Then complete the membership application and mail it, along with membership fees, to:
National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy, Inc.
PO Box 231
305 Lincoln St.
Wamego, KS 66547
Fax (785)456-8599

Membership Fees and Privileges

Membership in NRCC brings you into a network of people interested in furthering the Romeldale-CVM breed of sheep. A tri-annual newsletter brings topics specific to our breed right to your door. As an added bonus, Conservancy dues entitle members to receive an automatic membership in NRCR. Members may then register all verifiable Eidman/Sexton purebred sheep at a nominal per-animal fee (see animal registration form on NRCR page for fee structure) for each calendar year that their Conservancy membership is renewed.

The Conservancy operates completely on a volunteer staff and donations. We are a 501(C)3 non-profit making it easier for individuals and business alike to be able to not only help the Romeldale-CVM as an endangered breed, but also be able to use it as a tax deductible donation. Our mission is to preserve this most unique breed as part of the heritage we hold in this country today.
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We invite everyone's suggestions and participation in this incredible journey together.

Please send your check to:

The National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy
c/o Marie Minnich
252 Frosty Valley Rd.
Danville, PA 17821

or donate using Paypal....
Thank you for helping to sustain the rarest of the rare breeds of sheep in the US today….Romeldale-CVMs.
We appreciate your support!
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